1. Stand with confidence. Standing strong is key for your headshot and this all stems from placing your arms correctly. The usual fold of the arms can make you little uncomfortable, so beginning by practice a good fold. Start with your right hand tucked under your left armpit and folding your left arm across it, touching your right bicep.
  1. Tackle the camera face on. Having your photo at eye level is very important to help eliminate any extra chins you may be conscious about. If you have your photo taken from below it will add an extra chin. 1 means 2, 2 will mean 3.
  1. Smile. Try to smile without the “Cheeeeeese.” While I, myself, am not a fan of smiling for my profile picture, everyone else should. People look better when they are smiling and it is a lot more inviting than a forced look.
  1. Don’t rush your headshot. Allow yourself as much time as possible to get the perfect shot. If you don’t you may not end up with the result you were hoping for. Not to forget that when used in press releases, your photo may well be the only thing the reader remembers.
  1. Clear all distractions. This is an important one to consider, especially when taking your headshot at work. It is hard enough feeling confident in front of a camera, let alone with your colleagues walking passed to put you off.


  1. Go solo. More than often when arranging a shoot office politics will become involved, with senior staff insisting their support staff are present in the shoot. This does not increase your reputable, team player image but in fact increase the chance of an unusable image. Stick by yourself and maximise the opportunity for a great image!
  1. One for the men. Shave before your photoshoot. If you are following the fashion and adopting a bit of facial fuzz, lose it. That sharp smart look can be touched up with a quick shave before your appointment.
  1. Dress to impress. If you are self employed you may find it hard to sit around in a suit, but don’t sell your first impression short. Dress to impress and get those doors opening. Also do your best to avoid being caught in fancy dress.
  1. Make your headshot unforgettable. A remarkable headshot can really set yourself apart from the rest. Now we aren’t suggesting get an action shot of something you would never do within your job, but a great shirt or a striking colour can really set yourself apart. After all, one coloured suits are not the most exciting things.
  1. Voice your concerns and worries, leave the rest to us. While everyone has their best side and concerns about their imperfections, the photographer truly does know best. Talk to us and let us know what you don’t like and then trust in us to work our magic.

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