The Best Tie Knot for Your Headshot

Do you need to wear a necktie in your headshot? The best tie knot for a headshot is a Full Windsor. This knot provides a very symmetrical, triangle-shaped knot and a classic dimple under the knot. In the video above, I demonstrate how to tie this knot.

The knot works best with classic middle width tie of about 3 inches. Skinnier ties probably wont’t work well to get the dimple. Since this tie knot is being tied for a headshot, don’t worry too much about the length. Just make sure to get the knot and dimple right. This knot works really well with today’s wider spread shirt collars. Make sure your shirt is crisp and well laundered. Also, make sure you have collar stays to keep your collar straight. Try to pick a jacket with lapels of a width that is proportional to the width of your tie. Medium lapels work best with the width of tie that works great with a full windsor. Bring several shirt and tie options to the photo shoot. More choices can make for a better shot or at least more combinations when you are picking from your proofs.

If your style calls for a thinner tie, practice tying your knot before the session. Try to get a tie knot that does not show the “legs” of the tie between the knot and the collar. Try a half windsor or a four-in-hand. I’ve seen some great looking knots on thin ties from people with experience tying them.

Practice makes perfect, so make sure you can tie your tie knot before the session.

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