Nowadays it takes only a few seconds and some undesirable pixels to handicap our career prospects. It takes only a second to judge everything in a person and image we see in front of us. If this is the case thus it must hold true for head hunters, clients, vendors and many others getting their first impression from what we present about ourselves online with a non professional produced headshot.

According to studies, happy and competent looking faces usually come off as more trustworthy. Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden notes in a recent study that ”Face perception involves a specialised neuronal network and is one of the most developed visual perceptual skills in humans. Though we have been trained to never judge a book by its cover, many researches adhere to the notion that first impressions are more than often correct. Yet people tend to still use pictures such as party or vacations shots revealing too unwanted information about their surroundings for their professional headshot profiles.

People don’t seem to realise that a poor choice of profile picture may be damaging to their professional brand and deterred potential professional opportunities in an environment such as LinkedIn. We are all at the mercy of everyone else’s snap judgements about our capabilities, likability, intelligence, approachability and confidence. Only if you are lucky enough that people would go beyond their emotional impulse to decide whether to take a deeper look at you. Chances are they are not and you should not bet on that.

Time to rethink your headshot for your professional headshot, branding and online profiles. As, Jakarta Headshot Photography Specialist, I’m here to help you. Give me a call.

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