Finding a good photographer is just a part of the equation in getting a great headshot. Before the shoot, preparations should be done so you and your photographer can overcome challenges that most people encounter in a corporate shoot. Your clothing for example, is one of the most important elements in a great headshot, whether it’s for promoting a brand, auditioning for a TV or movie role, representing best of yours in LinkedIn profile picture or even your CV – your outfit matters.

  • Get your hair style right. If you’re planning to get a haircut, do it a week before the shoot. This way, you’ll have some time to get comfortable on how it looks and feels.
  • Hire a professional make-up artist. While photographers can apply subtle optimizations to make you look better in an image, they don’t do magic with terrible looking subjects. Make-up artists understand how people will look on camera and it’s their job to make you look great!
  • Communicate with your photographer. Some photographers set up meetings, and others are only available through calls before the shoot. Either way, you should try to talk with your photographer especially if it’s your first shoot. Ask questions, and know more about the things that are going to take place once you enter the studio.
  • Good photographers are able to make clients relaxed and comfortable in a shoot. If it’s your first time, try to enjoy the experience instead of worrying a lot about the images every time the photographer hits the shutter. Get a good night rest – this will help you relax more and look fresh in your photos.

Most photographers who specialize in corporate headshots may require you to prepare clothes in the set. To help you choose the best clothes for the shoot, ask yourself this question – How do I define myself, my brand, and my business? Answering this question will help you a lot in choosing the right clothes for your headshot. If you’re still clueless with the clothes you’re going to wear, we can discuss during the session to choose the best fit ones for your brand.

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