A strong team has everyone feeling fully invested from the CEO to the entire staff. We create headshots for companies large and small. When the whole team participates in a corporate headshot day, everyone knows they are an important member of your team.

We often are hired by administrative staff for companies with partnership structures or sales organizations. The members of the staff get to see everyone bringing in their clothes, getting their makeup done and choosing their photos to use online and in company marketing materials. When team members are left out, you see the disappointment. A professional headshot can be used on their LinkedIn profile. It can be attached to internal company communications. If everyone has a great photo in the same style, everyone feels to be a valuable participant. Here are some benefits of letting the whole team have a professional headshot.

It’s A Perk That Costs Little

For the small cost of a headshot, everyone feels they have the same perks an executive has. This levels the playing field in the company and raises moral.

Makes Everyone A Valued Member of the Team

Everyone will be told that they are valued. This will strengthen your team. Photos will start showing up on LinkedIn. And everyone will see that your company has a consistent brand and treats their team members with respect.

Headshots are Valuable when Attached to Corporate Communications 

We have clients that are large and have multiple locations. Every employee has a headshot. When a message goes out via email, their photo is attached. It is a good way for employees to get to know names and faces in large companies and build cohesion.

Impressive as Roster in Proposals

Another client of ours puts a photo of each team member when creating sales proposals. From the sales person to the project managers to field representatives and administrative staff, the whole team has the same style photo and looks like a true team.

Web Site Impact

The team page on a website can really say a lot about your company. A bunch of photos in different styles show you do not have your act or your team together. It looks even worse when you have bios with no photos. Or no bios at all. A smaller company or firm can look larger by including everyone along with a photo.

Of course, all this takes coordination and organization. Find a photographer who has those skills as well as the ability to make a great portrait. We have the expertise to make all this easy, cost effective and fun.

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