A headshot for your business is your calling card or the first line of how your brand presents itself to the viewer. It acts as a business card, promotional advertisement and much more. Having a professional headshot helps you to stand out as the viewer can see who you are. It gives the appearance that you are approachable, likable and most importantly, a professional.

A professional headshot can be applied to anyone in any field. Whether you are in medicine, finance, public speaking, life coaching, fashion, modeling or a creative field then you can definately use a professional photo for your website, social media or promotional materials.

All businesses want to connect with potential clients and customers. As a business owner or brand, your headshot helps the viewer to connect with you. The confidence and intelligence that will be displayed in the photo will definitely resonate with the viewer, making them feel more assured in doing first time and repeat business with you. Its a great first impression.

Since we will mostly shoot on location please allow some extra time! A typical headshot session with 2-3 clothing changes takes about 2-3 hours. I will shoot as much as it takes to get what we need from each look, usually the first look takes a little longer and as we getting comfortable with each other we take up speed.

You will receive all the good pictures we took on the shoot. I will also point out my favorites if you need help to choose your selection.

Usually you will receive your pictures through Cloud Drive. We’ll send the link within 48 hours.

Clean your skin from blemishes or pimples, even out your skin complexion and soften wrinkles when needed. Take off those dark circle under your eyes and make them pop. Clean up your hair from fuzz. Small corrections of imperfections and cropping. If required, I can make you slightly slimmer by 1/2 kg 🙂

The basic one for individual package includes 3 pictures to be retouched.
…and of course! I can retouch as many as you want, I charge IDR 150K per image. I can give you more competitive rate should you want to have more than 5 additional images to be retouched.

Usually, 1 session can take anywhere from 5 working days . This is because EVERY image is inspected, categorized, selected, grouped and the best frames are post processed with enhancements. This is a tedious process but at the end of it, you are presented with a QUALITY product that you WILL be happy to own

No problem. My goal is to make you looks as natural as possible.
Simply let us know your headshot goal during the session and we will do our best to accede to your requests.

By default You do not fully own the images. You are paying for the service and the standard image usage rights. As the photographer or creator, once the images are produced, the rights belong to the photographer. You have the rights to use the images for your personal branding

Unfortunately No…
Do bring your own favourite outfits based on your personality

Please call us at 3 days in advance to make your appointment, currently we’re only available during weekend/ public holiday or by appointment.

Of course…! However additional travel cost may apply, depending on how far it is from our premise.

No I do not. This is because my business is small and printing is an added expense. In order to make it affordable to the client, I prefer this responsibility to be your own. Because of my business model, this enables the client to have more freedom in making prints.

We have an extensive experience in this field and will do our utmost best to deliver you a photo you can be proud to show the world.
Our one to one service ensures our quality is consistent

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