Hans Kristian

Hans Kristian

‚ÄčThe About section on websites always draw me in. Probably for the same reason that I'm a photographer with focus on people. The amazing thing to me about headshot & portraiture is that you can learn a lot about somebody, just by taking a look at a photograph of their face & their personality. Being responsible for bringing out your true personality in your headshot & portrait is a big honor for me.

It's in these headshots & portraits that people who don't know you, will make assumptions on your character. People who do know you will look at the photograph, maybe today, maybe in 50 years time, and think about the things they love about you. A headshot portrait is a powerful tool that we create together.

Hans Kristian


I cherish the fact that I get to use reliable gear to do all the things that I provide to you as my offerings.

In this section, I'd like to show you the brand that I trust and have supported me create an excellent portraits & headshot of yours at its best.

  • Hans was very professional!.
    This was the first time i’d had headshots taken, and it was a fun experience. He gave great instruction and tips on how to pose which made the process go smoothly.
    The photos I received were beautifully edited.
    I would definitely recommend Hans!

    Amanda Robbins
  • From start to finish, Hans was professional, reliable in his communication, and delivered on his expertise in getting not only the headshots I hoped for, but even ones I didn’t know I would love. Furthermore, he provided invaluable tips before and during the shoot in order to get the best out of it.

    His kind demeanor will put you at ease to let your personality come through.
    He takes his time with you; not once will you feel rushed during your experience.

    When you leave a photo shoot figuring out a way to go back and have another one, you know you’ve found a gem.
    I highly recommend Hans

    Sophie Adriani
  • Working with Hans was great. The relaxed atmosphere made it feel easy to get many great shots.
    He gets them done!

    Rama Hadi Santoso
  • A true professional.
    Hans provided me with important information prior to the shoot that made the process more efficient and effective.
    I’m very happy with the results!

    Marjuang Sinaga
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